About​ Us

Established in 2009

West Virginia Family Support & Rehabilitation Services is a family-owned behavioral health facility and full-service social services agency. We offer services to children, families, and people with disabilities in our community. Having opened in 2009, we dedicate our lives to helping people in the community.

We look forward to serving you.


Our mission at WV Family Support & Rehabilitation Services (WVFSRS) is to empower individuals with behavioral health and/or Substance abuse or dependency issues to live a more stable, self-sufficient, and satisfying life; by promoting prevention, early intervention, resiliency, recovery & rehabilitation through accessible and quality care.


WV Family Support & Rehabilitation Services (WVFSRS) strives to become an ally in decreasing barriers to treatment within the behavioral health and substance abuse and dependence fields. By providing a safe space to engage in quality treatment, without discrimination, for all qualified Ohio & West Virginia residents.


Each WV Family Support & Rehabilitation Services (WVFSRS) staff were chosen for their unique skills as well as their desire to make a difference within our clientele’s lives. WV Family Support & Rehabilitation Services (WVFSRS) cultivates a positive, forward thinking, and engaged culture. Through each interaction we are dedicated and determined to decrease the growing number of untreated individuals within both the Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse & Dependence fields.

Mykha A.

Where I want to be in life.

My name is Mykha, I am 28 years old and a mother of 2 children. I used to get high and live on the street for about 4 years from addiction that came about from a car accident injury where I was prescribed Lortabs. From there I got into other prescription pills, eventually ending up using heroin and meth. For the past 4 months I have been a client at the Shirley Temple Transitional Homes and in that 4 months I have managed to hold down a job at Chili’s and D.T. Prime, both located in downtown Charleston WV. I also attend local recovery meetings (AA/NA) as a well-known face and made a good name for myself. I have taken a budgeting class and managed to save money for a car and recently applied for housing through Charleston HUD and working on getting my license and my children back, all thanks to this program. I probably would never have seen these accomplishments without the help and support and security of the Shirley Temple program where I was shown how to grow into what I want and where I want to be in life.

C. Sheets

My life has been completely transformed.

Well, since I have been in recovery here at Shirley Temple my life has been completely transformed for the better. My life has completely been saved by the grace of God.I have been able to maintain employment, sign up for housing, continually pass a urine drug test, gain a positive support system, and get saved which is actually number one. I attend church every Sunday and Wednesday. By putting God first in my life, my life has improved drastically for the better in so many ways. Best decision I have ever made. I attend 5-6 NA or AA meetings a week which has really taught me accountability. I’ve gained self-love and self-acceptance during my time here and I can truly say I forgive myself for my past and truly love life and myself these days. I am beyond grateful for my bed here at Shirley Temple. am and will be forever thankful.

Betty Akers

They provided me a safe place.

I was a client for West Virginia family support in their inpatient female treatment center. They provided me a safe place and a fresh start to build my life back and the wonderful staff helped me so much! Donna Nikki and Tiffany are so amazing! I’ve been out of their program for almost 2 years and they continue to be part of my recovery!

Shawn Harmon

4 years of continuous sobriety.

My name is Shawn and I’m a recovering addict. I was a client of wvfsrs in my recovery journey and my experience was above and beyond my expectations. Their one stop shop wrap around approach to addiction made my recovery journey easier and manageable. With recovery coaches counselors and doctors I was able to have all my mental health needs taken care of in one place. With the help of wvfsrs I was able to get custody of my son buy a car get my license back acquire a new skill and obtain an excellent job. Most importantly I have 4 years of continuous sobriety. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of this great organization.

Megan H.

They go above and beyond.

WVFSRS, thank you for all of the help your staff and program offer. The Collis house is a great place to get some recovery. Tiffany Y and Nicci are amazing. They go above and beyond to get us the help and resources we need to be successful when we finish this program. Since being here, I’ve got a job and I’m working on my GED so I can go to college. The recovery coaches make me want to do better and they’re showing me how to be better. So, again, thank you for your programs and staff