Myesha Simley

“Hi, my name is Myesha Simley, a Recovery Addict.

I came to WV Family Support on April 4, 2022. When I first came to Recovery it was hard, I was hardheaded broken down tired of life and over everything. But the journey being in Recovery has made me Stronger than I have ever been. Therapy with the amazing Ms. Emily has grounded me to love myself again she always their when needed and no matter she has loved me when I couldn’t love myself. My Peer Recovery Coaches That’s when it gets real. When you talk about tough love constructive criticism I never thought it meant so much I never thought that I would respect constructive criticism but when you have people who genuinely love you no matter your flaws no matter if you’re even loving yourself today they will love you until you learn how to love yourself they support you they listen to you but most of all they give you praise when it’s needed they don’t just watch you grow and not commend you for growing that’s when you know you’re in a good program.. so, if you’re thinking about giving up if you thinking about you don’t matter in life forget about that because you matter we matter everyone matters even if you’re recovering addict doesn’t matter where you start it matters where you finish and how you finish it’s not who you are now. It’s who you choose to become.

Sincerely Myesha!!!!”