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West Virginia Family Support has changed my life tremendously. My recovery coach has given me the tools I need to have a successful life. I went from not leaving my house and losing my kids to going out every day doing volunteer work and getting to see my kids every weekend. I feel like my […]


My recovery coach and therapist have been the backbone in my sobriety since I made the decision to come out here. My therapy sessions have helped me to teach me how to use my coping skills when things get rough. My recovery coach has been there for me when no one else was whether it […]

Myesha Simley

“Hi, my name is Myesha Simley, a Recovery Addict. I came to WV Family Support on April 4, 2022. When I first came to Recovery it was hard, I was hardheaded broken down tired of life and over everything. But the journey being in Recovery has made me Stronger than I have ever been. Therapy […]